Doggy, Doggy, Needs a New Home – Adopt Your Pet

Your family finally agrees it’s time to bring home a new friend. Your family pet of fifteen years is sorrowfully missed and you can’t imagine ever finding brown eyes like his again. Visiting the pet stores, reading the pets for sale ads, and talking to friends, you wonder; what’s the best way to add a new member to your family?

Pet adoption is an option pet lovers should definitely consider. Although it may not be for some, it’s a true gift. Not just for you to be able to find that special pet, but for little ‘Rover’ whose only crime was being too furry. Pets like Rover are looking for a family who will just love him as he is. Even if he’s not perfect, they want the love of someone willing enough to teach them what is best for the family. With love and gratitude, your little adopted friend will want to do all he can to make you happy.

Seeing the row of big brown eyes in a shelter is enough to break your heart. You would love to take them all, but your place can only hold one. Knowing that by helping just one little friend find love and comfort is a great place to start.

Pet adoption centers and shelters typically let you know which pets are good with kids or other pets and which ones wouldn’t be. They will give you a small history of what the pet has been through. Giving hope to a dog can be all he needs to be the greatest friend you’ll ever have!

Often you will see a display of mixed breeds and mutts, but they can be incredibly fun. They usually have their own look, and like many dogs, just want to be loved. Better yet, they just want to love you and make you happy. Whether you adopt a young pup from a shelter or whether you decide to give an older fellow a place to grow old is up to you, but the choice to love one of these dogs can be more rewarding than you can imagine.

Don’t count them out. A dog in a shelter isn’t there because he was bad so much as he just had a bad start or someone who did love them simply couldn’t care for him the way he needed. Give this friend a chance, it may be the greatest decision you’ll make for you and your family.